desert southwest landscape photography
Yeah Vivian, I do too. Took a while to find some copyrighted music for my videos that I could use free of charge.
Vivian Bradley(non-registered)
Love the soundtrack for Trip Down Diamond Creek Road.
desert southwest landscape photography
Nice to hear from you, Eric.
Eric Sharp(non-registered)
Hey Don,

Great to see you applying yourself creatively and enjoying the west so so very much.
Keep at it!

Eric Sharp
desert southwest landscape photography
Thank you Beverly for your kind words. Hope you enjoy future visits to my site.
Beverly Schwab(non-registered)
Enjoyed your photos. Great composition, texture and subjects.
desert southwest landscape photography

Yes, I remember you and your family well. Wenatchee Rd. sure has changed. Stopped by there a couple of years ago and visited with Frank L. who still lives in the house next door to the one I grew up in. Say hi to John for me if he is still around and also the rest of your family. How did you find my site? With the odd spelling of my last name, people sometimes have trouble finding me.

Karen Rodgers Gurley(non-registered)
Don, I think we grew up on Wenatchee. My brother is John Rodgers. Just was in Kingman, Az.
desert southwest landscape photography

Thank you for visiting my site and commenting on my images. Your interest is appreciated.

Hopefully, you will be able to see some of the places that I have visited. Have fun.

Sandra Pollard(non-registered)
Just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your photo art. I, too, have loved photography and wild and empty places! Black and white pictures are also my favorite! Thanks again. I jotted down the names of a few places now that I will check out. I wish you much success in business as you apparently are a very talented photographer!
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